Monsoon Wedding

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Monsoon wedding”(2007), an award winning movie, directed by mira nair. Features widely known Indian actors, such as Vasundhara Das, Naseeruddin Shah and Vijay Raaz.
The film is based on the autobiographical account of Mira Nair's own family.( Manish Gajjar 2002) It is about a stressed father, a bride-to-be with a secret, a smitten events coordinator, and relatives from around the world who create much ado about the preparations for an arranged marriage in India (IMDB). The excellent exploitaation of symbolism, colour and costumes together with the contrast between modern and traditional India has been successfully depicted the Indian values and beliefs. Nonetheless, with the use of representations, and by dealing with the concept of
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However, in the movie, the relation between them was accepted. It is shown in the ending sequence, where the Verma family invite them to join the celebration. Therefore, the film efficiently represents the traditional class discourse and introduce the new evolution for status acceptance.

According to MPAA(Motion Picture Association of America), “Monsoon Wedding” is R-rated in India. Also, it is rated M15+ nationally in Australia. These give evidence that the film is aimed at adults.

Firstly, the movie deals with the concept of love and romance mainly from the females’ perspective. This will, therefore, be a focus for female audiences.
Secondly, the film may discomfort some audiences by the use of strong language, and also sexual scene and theme such as child abuse and paedophilia.
Lastly, The language used in “Monsoon Wedding” jumps between Hindi and English. This therefore, may allow Western audiences to learn more about Indian culture and values.
Thus, the demographic is not narrow but covers people internationally. In addition, knowing that only about three percent of India's population (upper class) speak English. (Jason Baldridge 2002). Consequently, a reasonable high level of education is necessary for Indian viewers to understand the film.

The Positioning to the audience
“Monsoon Wedding” has many aspects which privilege a wide range of discourses and beliefs. The film invites and positions audiences