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We as people examine the impact of post-9/11 airport security measures on air travel in the U.S. Using five years of data on passenger volume, we evaluate the effects of the implementation of baggage screening and the federalization of passenger screening on the demand for air travel. These two congressionally mandated measures are the most visible changes in airport security following the 9/11 attacks. Exploiting the phased introduction of security measures across airports, we find that baggage screening reduced passenger volume by about five percent on all flights, and by about eight percent on flights departing from
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Housed in a large rectangular building, there is not a lot of activity taking place outside of the airport. One or two people meander out of the airport walking towards the parking lot any yellow taxi cabs line one side of the building. No curbside parking is allowed and there are police officers posted in front of the building to make sure that travelers abide by this rule. With police officers roaming throughout the airport I do not want to look conspicuous. I try to resemble others who are patiently waiting for friends or family. I theorize that if people know you are observing them they put on a fa├žade. By not involving myself, I am capable of watching the passengers interact with the sercurity measures without altering their routine with my presence. Although the electronic ticket is emphasized to be safer and more convienent, I did encounter a problem during a flight across the United States. My returning flight from Utah to Florida did not contain the convienence and safety of the electronic ticket. As I checked in before I boarded the plane the ticket attendant could not find my name in the computer. After repeated attempts to locate my name the ticket attendant discovered that my ticket had been listed under the name of a friend who traveled with me. After we checked our bags we proceeded to the departing gate to receive a paper ticket. The ticket attendant at the gate handed us our tickets barely glancing at our driver's licenses. As I