Devil Wears Prada Gender Analysis

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The Devil Wears Prada

The film The Devil Wears Prada, offers different views of gender roles than other movies. The movie gives women the roles generally portrayed by men, which gives them a bad representation by depicting women as career people who have no time for a personal life, therefore giving them a bad image. It gives men the favorable opinion by having them perform miracles. It also tends to give a more positive portrayal of men by giving those roles that have female characteristics. The Devil Wears Prada tends to favor the men while impairing the female characters and making them look like bad people. Andrea, also known as Andy, works as a secretary at the magazine Runway. She works for the great Miranda Priestly, the chief
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Some men in The Devil Wears Prada are shown to be heroic because of what they can accomplish. Andy is helped many times by men who seem to do the unthinkable. The Harry Potter errand is probably the most important for Andy. It appears impossible until she gets help from a man. Christian Thompson is a young writer who helped Andy. He is able to create a miracle by getting a hold of an unpublished Harry Potter manuscript. He plays the most important role in Andy’s working career, as he saves her job. It was a man who rescued Andy by performing a miracle and it gives him the positive impression. Another man who is portrayed positively is Nigel. Nigel is the art director of Runway and is seen as the most helpful to Andy. He is portrayed as a very optimistic character who Andy feels she can trust. Nigel helps Andy by giving her a makeover and transforms her into a respectable employee. He made Andy aware of what it meant being in the fashion industry. And by changing Andy’s appearance, Nigel is responsible for changing her attitude towards fashion, which gives him a favorable depiction. Nate is seen as a positive influence for Andy and is always encouraging her to do what’s best for her. When Andy calls him to say she’s going to quit, Nate is very happy for her. It shows how much he cares for Andy by having the night planned out despite learning she didn’t quit. He is probably the most affected by Andy’s change. When their relationship begins to fall, it is