Evolution of Fairy Tales and Their Changing Influences on Children

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Introduction ‘Seas of story’ is how Marina Warner refers to the world of fairy tales. The fairy tales world is a vast field of study which many scholars have tried to exhaust with minimum success. Scholars have spent a lifetime trying to understand the history of fairy tales only to realize they have only dipped their toes in the vast sea. Fairy tales origin dates back to thousands of years ago. Fairy tales have fantasy creatures like fey, goblins, talking animals, trolls, elves, faeries, witches and giants. As the word fairy means in Latin, enchantments and events that are usually farfetched comprise the story. They are not always realistic
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She is pure evil and this way the women are depicted as evil when they take control of whatever they lay their eyes on. The fairy tales only depict the good wives and girls as those who are docile. In the fairy tales antagonists and protagonists are made clear and they are not defined by their acts. In fairy tales a person is defined from the beginning of the story. The witch is associated with making things right for the needy but at a great cost. She uses magic which is not socially accepted in the society. Heroes in fairy tales are never wrong and portrayed as handsome and wealthy. They are very attractive but their character is already defined in the story. The hero ends up marrying the heroine making the tale have a happy ending(Grimm, 1963). Everything works out perfectly leaving the children imagination highly active. They want to be the superheroes and live the lives of the heroes for the boys and for the girls they dream of getting married to a prince or a superhero. Their lives are greatly affected since through behaving themselves, is how they will end up with the prince. For the boys they dream of having the most beautiful girl as their wife, a passionate, compassionate, kind, hardworking and generally a virtuous woman. Through the fairy tales the boys are aware that beauty on the outside is not what defines the qualities of a good wife but her inner beauty. Thus fairy


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