The Searchers

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Development and adaptation of the western genre has occurred throughout the twentieth century in relation to the shift in context, this is still relevant. Stereotypes of a western genre and the context are determined by the time in which the film is being produced. The time in which they were produced determine how social construction, gender ideas, values and attitudes, the setting and SWAT codes are demonstrated. I have chosen to present this speech by looking at the film studied in class, and a film of my choice and how the difference in context has changed in the tie of these two films.
Changes and developments in the context can be recognized and analyzed when looking at an example from the 20th century and one from the 21st
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She follows his orders and is under the power of dominant men. She is a carer for the men, whereas the gang leaders wife doesn’t have to do house work, she is just there to follow her husband’s rules. In this film the gender roles are the same men are dominant and females are less dominant but in this film someone is hired to do the job for the wife instead of her completing the role herself. Gender roles and ideas are present in both films, they demonstrate the power of each character and there position in society.
Values and attitudes are one of the most important parts of looking at genre, the director needs to know the values and attitudes of the audience in order for the viewer’s understand these stereotypes. Values and attitudes of the cowboys in the western are generally that they value family, education, success, wealth, marriage and respect. These values are supported in The Searchers throughout most events in the film, they how they value family for the simple fact that they go out of each other’s way to make the others happy and the men search for five years for the missing family members. They show education when the Indians leave signs or messages behind and Ethan understands why this has been done and what the meaning of it is.
We see they value success, when they celebrate defeating the Indians in a battle. They value wealth, we see this because their homes are quite decent in size and they own a lot of items,


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