Social Stratification in Modern Capitalist Societies'

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A. 'Educational system reproduces systems of social stratification in modern capitalist societies'. Analyze this statement by addressing the following questions/topics;

1. What is social stratification? Why are class, caste, gender and ethnicity considered to be systems of stratification? Answer- Social stratification is the division of society into different groups in a pattern of ranking. In simple sentence, social stratification means inequalities between different groups of people. It is division of a large group of society and their unequal access to resources. Our society is divided into many groups by class, caste, gender, ethnicity. It classified the various types of social stratification like upper class, lower class
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Their children get admission in school earlier than a lower caste child. They look down upon them. By this system the lower caste can not progress. They can not get higher position. This system is coming from earlier. In Indian context caste is a very big factor of social stratification. Untouchability is found within caste. If any lower caste people touch the higher caste people than they feel impure and taking a bath. Ethnicity- It is a quality which makes difference between different groups. Culture is the central point by which one group distinct from another and in culture these - language, religion, color, history, living style and also adornment are the factors which distinguishes these groups. In all societies ethnicity is found in different ways. As for example- the tribal casts are discriminate by other groups. They are prohibited to use private places, if there is any festival in the village, they are forbidden to come there. If we search in India that how many children from Tribal caste are educated than we find that very few children are educated. In the developed country America, the people who has black skin, they are discriminate among them. There children can not get admission early in there school. The high skill people also have to face many problems to get high post in job only because they are their skin is black.

in class we find inequality and position which is controlled by material resources. In class we


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