Social Injustice's of Women in India

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Violations Against Women in India

Women all over the world are affected by social injustice. In many countries rules and laws have been put in place to ensure the equal treatment of women. Although these laws and rules have not kept things perfect they have helped to maintain a balance between men and women. This work towards equality does not function the same in all countries. There are still places where women are beaten, raped, and murdered without so much as a second thought. Some of these places even have rules in place to prevent these practices, but they are frequently overlooked. India is one of these places. A place that is both progressive on paper and in some urban areas but are also far behind in practice and in
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An interview with a traveler to India, who experienced some direct encounters of female injustice and its current practice, was conducted. Devin Anderson a senior at the University of Iowa experienced accounts of female inequality and degradation through members of his Knolls group when studying in India.
Interviewer: When you were in India where did you travel?
DEVIN: I backpacked mostly in the Himalayan Mountains and in nearby rural villages.
INTERVIEWER: While you traveled in these villages did you witness or experience any inequalities between the women and men?
DEVIN: In many of the villages I visited the men and the women both held specific roles, ones that were part of their society, part of their way of living. Most of the duties that these roles implied were based on gender. I had also witnessed some inequality between the two genders. Like one day we went to a restaurant type place in one of the larger rural villages we were visiting, and while we were there some of the women in my group went to go order some food. The men who were there to take orders blatantly ignored their requests and waited for one of the men in our group to order for them. Women were apparently not allowed to speak or order for themselves and the men there actually seemed a little offended that these women had even tried.