Gender Wage Gap in the U.S

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Today’s society continues to argue about the subject of social inequalities even in cosmopolitan and first world countries like United States. Gender inequality is a subject that have been forgotten eventually since the women civil rights movement developed and they started gaining an equal right for work. Still, in U.S history, gender inequalities remain till today in relation to the workplace to some degree. The Gender Wage gap is considered a gender inequality, but could be also a result of the interaction of
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The Wage Gap is also persistent among Black, Hispanic and Asian women, due to they earn less than White women and less than Men of their same race. Earnings are high among Asian ($770) and White Women ($710) than for Blacks ($599) and Hispanics ($521). According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics these wages are due to factors as education, hours of work, career, etc.
Overall, some of this factors could be considered as valid and others not. For example, the idea that women are paid less because of the jobs they choose appears as debatable. Hanna Rosin the author of End of Men suggested that maybe is not the idea that women chose for the less paid jobs but the fact that the country does not supports and values women’s professions. Considering this, women have also been stereotyped to search for some jobs and career according to the National Organization for Women what have also affect women’s preferences for jobs.
In addition, it is true that parenthood influences a lot in women’s jobs. According to a Pew Research Center survey, working women with children argue that being a working parent has made it harder for them to advance in their job or career. Furthermore, only 16% of men said that children have influence in their career or job. Therefore, parenthood affects more women than men in their career and job what will influence the wage respectively due to women will be obligated to stay at home to take care of


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