Leo Burnett Case Study

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Leo Burnett Company, founded in Chicago in 1935, was one of North America’s premier advertising agencies. It had created numerous well-known brand icons, including The Marlboro Man, Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger, and the Pillsbury Dough Boy. This case talks about LB’s current strained relationship with its client Ontann Beauty Care (OBC). LB was hired by OBC to launch its new “Forever Young” product line. 1. Assuming the role of an LB employee: As a full-service agency, LB offered the complete range of marketing and communications services and products. As an LB employee I would be part of a multi-disciplinary team that serviced a particular brand. I would receive details of the work to be done by the supervisor of
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This division of the same task across the two virtual teams resulted in the work of the teams moving in different directions. There is also evidence of poor communication between the London and Toronto teams. Both teams noticed that their creative work was not in sync but no one highlighted it as an issue and assumed that the other team would adapt their look and feel. Another example of poor communication was the discussion of the direct mail concept. A set of well-documented instructions would have been easy for the London team to understand and the lack of which resulted in loss of time during a meeting, in which the client was present too, and friction among the two teams. The communication between the two teams was not direct. Information mainly flowed through David and Forin to Carmichael. Ideally the team members should have been asked to reach out directly to resolve issues quickly. It would also have helped build a good relationship between the teams. There was also an assumption that the European market was identical to the North American market. The London team chose the model and the photographic material for the advertising campaign. The Toronto team was not involved in the above two decisions which increased their frustration. The other issue was faced during the development of the website. The members of LB’s Toronto team who were responsible for the web site