Relationship Transgender Identity

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Transgender is a term that is used to describe men and women who were born a certain sex, but feel their true gender is the opposite. Some live completely - or part time - as the opposite sex. There are also some transgender people that get sex reassignment surgery, completely changing their gender. While the definition of transgender is not yet fully agreed upon and is indeed still changing on a regular basis, there are some elements that seem to remain consistent: 1. Not identifying with the sex, and the related gender, that one is assigned upon being born 2. Indicating someone who combines male and female gender roles and/or someone who moves fluidly between these roles 3. Representing those who feel that the sex assigned to …show more content…
This is why it is essential to be respectful of and to accept the diversity of transgendered individuals.
As long as they are given the appropriate respect, love and support, which they are deserving of, they will go on to enjoy satisfying, productive lives.
Although ridicule, ostracism and abandonment are perpetrated against the TG community by almost everyone who discovers their secret identity, by far the largest section of the population that holds significant and outspoken prejudice against cross-dressers, Transvestites, and transsexuals are those who subscribe to conservative religious views
The US courts, including the US Supreme Court, have recognized for quite a while now that "sex discrimination," illegal since 1964, includes gender discrimination -- adverse treatment because of stereotypes about sex. This law has been extended to transgender people by many lower federal courts. Many state and local laws act in a similar fashion. Since I was born a female, heterosexual woman most of my friends are “straight women and men. However, over the years I have befriended lesbian women and gay men. I have been to night clubs where they have what is called “drag shows”. The men and women who participate in these shows are straight, gay and enjoy being an entertainer. I find them to be very respectful with a great sense of humor. They are human beings just like anyone else. They have feelings and


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