Flexible work timings

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Activity 1
List the types of meetings that might be held in business situations.
Meetings help to solve a lot of problems and issues at hand, faced by a business organization. The types of meeting that might be held in a business situation are: face-to-face, teleconference, video conference, annual general meeting, board meetings, staff meetings, union meetings and health and safety meetings.
List at least 3 advantages of conducting a formal meeting in a workplace.
Meetings purpose to enhance the qualities and services of a business organization. It is very important to pre define the purpose of a meeting and accordingly note down the mojor points of discussion in the meeting. A formal meeting has the following advantages:
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Make a plan about the number of workers needed, machines used, etc.
Production figures will be calculated in 7 days on (XX/XX/XXXX) 5
Persons responsible for the actions.
Who ever is held to be responsible to follow upon the requirements and check the daily production. His name should be mentioned. Also, any other person who has been given incharge should be stated clearly. For ex., John will take charge of the production figures.
Activity 12
List 3 techniques that you could use to check your minutes before distributing them.
It is very important to check your minutes, correct the mistakes rather than your boss finding out your faults. The techniques used to check the minutes are as follows:
a. Proof reading: Go through the minutes yourself once again starting from the last word. Get it checked for grammar.
b. The chairperson or the organizer of the meeting reviews the minutes for accuracy and two other people who have attended the meeting must witness any correction.
c. Record meetings with hand held microphones to assure minutes are accurate at all times
Activity 13
Give an example of an appropriate method of circulating minutes in the following circumstances.
Minutes of weekly managers meeting in an office environment. An email can be sent to the managers.

Formal and confidential minutes of a Board meeting.
An email should be sent to the participants of the meeting.
3 Minutes of staff social committee


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