Strategic Process Management – Nabisco

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Strategic Process Management – Nabisco

1) Introduction
Nabisco is 1 of Kraft’s billion-dollar brands which is dated back to as far as more than a century since 1898 when the United States Baking Company, the New York Biscuit Company and the American Biscuit & Manufacturing Company formed to become the National Biscuit Company. “Nabisco” first appeared on a new sugar wafer product in 1901, but the corporate name did not change from National Biscuit Company to Nabisco, Inc. until 1971. Kraft Food acquired the Nabisco business in December 2000. Today, Nabisco’s brands include some of the best-known cookies and crackers in the world, including Oreo, Chips Ahoy! and Ritz.
Nabisco’s existence over such long history in the food industry also
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Thus this will improve customer relationship. ii) Financially Sounded Organization
Nabisco is a $3.6 billion financial sound organization which this enhances its position to implement strategic reforms as a corporation. iii) Direct Relationship with Consumers
The strongest strength of Nabisco is its direct customer relationship. This direct contact with consumers gives Nabisco a competitive advantage because Nabisco knows exactly who are their consumers, their requirements, when consignments shall be arrival, how to display the products, pricing that consumers spent with Nabisco and etc. It is a more to a 1-1 proposition. Moreover, Nabisco sale staff can rely on the gather information to office for market interpretation. iv) Low Inventory and Short Produce Life Cycle
Nabisco has substituted information for inventories and manufactures biscuits quantity to be as accurate as possible. Key advantages are reducing low inventories and improve the quality of the products. This is a very vital point and basic want from the customer to be able to purchase a freshly made biscuits and value for purchase. The low inventory level also enables Nabisco to incorporate declining components ‘costs and pass some of the saving to customers faster than rivals.

* Weakness
i) Lack of Market Reach
Nabisco faces barrier in markets where there are existing good local competitors, consumer preferences for


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