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Bibliology is the study of everything concerning the Bible. God reveals Himself, His ultimate plan for us (salvation), and His will to us through His Word. Psalms tells us that the Word of God is to be lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Psalms also tells us to hide His word in our heart. We speak to God through prayer, but He speaks to us through the Scriptures. The importance of this book cannot be stressed enough; we literally have a love letter, written by Almighty God, just for us. The Bible can help in any situation, it teaches, it guides, it has interesting stories, it has friendships, betrayals, and it has some comedy. There are several different doctrines concerning the Bible that one will see explained in
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Along with the doctrine of illumination, there is another doctrine that is very closely related and that is the doctrine of Interpretation. These two doctrines go hand in hand because first, Holy Spirit gives us the authority to understand Scripture, then it is up to us to apply it to our lives and get a better understanding of who God is and what His will is for our lives. When attempting to interpret a passage of Scripture knowing his heart so that while reading the Scripture, it is able to work on the heart and allow the Scripture to speak and work on whatever the problem in the heart may be. Second, one must understand what an author meant to say. When we use a Bible lie the King James, it may be a little more difficult to understand exactly what an author meant because some of the language has changed, words that meant one thing then could mean something totally different today. Third, a person must understand what that Scripture means to them; how deeply they can apply it to their life. The first two steps mean absolutely nothing to a believer unless they also do number three. The Bible was not written just for us to study and to say that we know much about the Scripture. One could memorize every verse in the Bible or write the world's greatest commentary, but that would all be in vain if the third step is not followed which is to apply the Scripture to one's life and let it do a work