Financial Faith Integration

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Corporate Finance: Integration of Faith Paulette Chapman, Lisa Cooke-Moore, Tori Curley, Janelle Dawkins, and Anthony Donkoh 201230 Summer 2012 BUSI 530-B05 LUO Managerial Finance Liberty University Dr. Halstead July 1, 2012

Abstract This essay will provide a scriptural key to understanding the topics of finance in a Christian worldview perspective. The illustrations will be reflected through the events found in God’s word, providing a greater understanding into the relevance of the Bible in today’s economic world. It will show the importance of the integration of faith, as God has provided His wisdom for today in the illustrations of the Holy Word. Refer to II Timothy 3: 16-17 (New King James
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Liquidity in general is the "access to cash or assets that can be turned into cash on short notice" (Brealey, et al., 2012, p. 95). Corporations must seek to invest in those things that will bring about long term value and create an accumulation of wealth. This includes, “strategic investments in human capital, customer loyalty, supply chain relations, production capacity, operational efficiency, or new product innovation" (Liang, 2007, p. 58). When we think of liquidity in term of faith integration we are drawn to the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis Chapter 41. Liang (2007), uses this story to discuss the topic of excess liquidity; "Throughout his sojourn in Egypt, Joseph acted to maximize the earthly interests of his human masters (Potiphar and Pharaoh) and the divine interest of his heavenly master (God)" (Liang, 2007, p. 58). Joseph, given the ability to interpret dreams, knew from Pharaoh's dream that Egypt would have a prosperous season followed by a season of famine. During the seven years of prosperity, Joseph stored up grain for the seven years of famine that were to follow. He used the excess liquidity acquired during the


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