The Story of Amp

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The Story of AMP 1
This case study provides an excellent example of the importance of business strategy. It demonstrates how the correct corporate strategy can provide prosperity for a company while a poor strategy can result in dire consequences. The study also highlights how factors such as company size, economic conditions, competition, and corporate culture influence the development and the ultimate success of the business strategy.
AMP Incorporated was used as the basis for this case study. AMP Incorporated is a global company that specializes in electronic and electrical connectors. The company, which was started in 1941, quickly grew into the world’s largest manufacturer of connector and interconnection devices.
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He gave his views but he empowered his employees to act on their own and make decisions. Forbes magazine would go on to describe Whitaker’s approach as “building a better mousetrap,” meaning that AMP simply reengineered a process and built a Fortune 500 company in less than
25 years. U. A. Whitaker liked to explain his successful business by using the phrase; “We engineer the hell out of everything.”
Original Strategic Plan
Whitaker was also very adept at strategic planning. From the outset, Whitaker had a plan that would propel his company to be the leader in the industry. He identified seven major tasks to accomplish in order to build a successful business and they were the following:
1. Establish a modern sales organization with qualified personnel having definite ideas and territories, properly controlled, and each with a suitable compensation plan.
2. Establish a sales policy as to the prices, deliveries, and job resources, and see that it is carried out uniformly.
3. Establish a scientific survey of the sales possibilities of the country by territories and make the proper plans accordingly.
4. Provide production drawings for all parts manufactured, showing dimensions, tolerances, materials, and all other specifications.
5. Inaugurate the test program covering all of the items sold and manufactured to determine their suitability for the service intended, whether they meet customer and government specifications, and


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