Ap World History Units 1-3 Study Guide

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Unit One 1. Consequences of the Neolithic Revolution didn’t include * End of hunting-gathering societies 2. Most scholars believe that, during the Paleolithic Age, social organization was characterized by * A rough social equality 3. The earliest metal worked systemically by humans are * Copper 4. The spread of the Bantu-speaking peoples over southern Africa can be best explained by their * Knowledge of agriculture 5. Characteristics of complex civilizations * Specialization of labor * Trade and cultural diffusion * Written languages * Complex political order and power 6. Evidence proves that the Mesopotamians * Traded extensively with peoples as far …show more content…
The Chinese copied their chariots from * The steppe nomads 44. The Period of Warring States refers to the * Chaotic last centuries of the Zhou dynasty 45. The early Chinese shipped textiles and metal goods to the ancestors of the Turks and Mongols in the steppes and received what in return? * Horses 46. Which of the following is a key philosophical and religious element of Daoism? * Emphasis on harmony between humanity 47. Which of the following describes the major effect of Bantu migrations? * Cultural commonalities in sub-Saharan Africa 48. Confucius argued that * Educations is essential to becoming a refined gentleman 49. The device the ancient Olmec build in order to trap silt carried by the numerous rivers passing through the Mesoamerican lowlands * Terraces 50. The proper order from top to bottom of the original Aryan caste system? * Priests, warriors, farmers/merchants, laborers, polluted laborers 51. One key role of the caste system which was unlike other systems of social inequality in the ancient world was that the caste system * Served to maintain order and stability as political systems did in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and China 52. What purpose do scholars believe paleolithic Venus figurines served? * The figurines reflect a deep interest in fertility necessary for the


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