Family Health Assessment

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Emily.Lee.Week4.Family Health Assessment
Grand Canyon University: N429
May 12, 2013

How would you describe your overall health?
What are most important things you do to keep yourself healthy?
What are your basic food intakes consist of?
How is your appetite? Any weight gain or loss recently?
How many hours do you sleep? Do you use any sleep aids?
Any relaxation must before going to bed? Any ritual before going to bed?
How is your elimination pattern?
Do you have any problem with urination or bowel control? Use any laxatives?
What do you do on your spare time?
How will you describe your overall mobility?
Use any hearing aid or reading glasses?
What is primary language? Do you read newspaper or watch news? Any
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J. Lee wears glasses and S. Lee uses reading glasses at times. Both do not use any hearing aids. Primary language spoken at home is Korean. They watch Korean news as well as local news to stay on top of current events. J. Lee goes to Adult ESL classes in the morning to continue improving her English and S. Lee uses online ESL module to keep learning active. Two years ago, their son moved out with his girlfriend. This caused stress in the home during this time because he did not share with the rest of the family that he was moving out. Chaos was created but this author kept the communication line active among all members and was able to keep a basic relationship between their son and his girlfriend. Even during the time they were having problems with their son, they never felt like they were experiencing depression or losing control over their lives. They were very grateful this author was there to listen and provide them with alternative ways to handle the situation. Both kept the open communication with each other and with extended family to obtain advice. All families work and contribute to the family. This author has lived with her father and mother in West Sacramento for the last five years. Both members declined to comment about their sexual relationship. This author felt uneasiness and awkwardness to ask any related questions in this area. The future for them will be planning for their retirement. However they do not


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