Cyp 3.6 Working Together for the Benefit of Child and Young People

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CYP Core 3.6 Working together for the benefit of children and young people 1.1 Explain the importance of multi-agency working and integrated working.
As a childcare practitioner it is important that I am able to recognise when a child in their early years may have a range of learning needs. To be able to understand the way I need to work with others to ensure that the learning plan that is in place for this child has a positive impact on their health, development and learning. To ensure I am offering an inclusive practice where the child is supported and feels valued and is helping them towards achieving the Five Outcomes of The Every Child Matters Framework.
Different professionals working together will help to improve the
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I gave her advice and told her where to go for support but she said she was too busy to get help. I became worried as the child was with me Monday to Friday, 8 hours a day and he would hardly drink, eat and his nappy was only ever slightly wet towards end of day. The health visitor visited the family within their home and the parents were given advice and support on how to wean their child off breast milk and how to tackle the upset with this transition.
Toy Libraries where we are able to borrow toys which children choose themselves and then are able to learn through their play through their own interest.
I operate under Ofsted guidelines and take on board improvements I can make during visits to improve the service I offer to the children and family’s I care for. This enables me to help the children I care for reach their full potential.
If a child I cared for were showing signs of a learning difficulty I would discuss this with parents first and work alongside them to help them to get the professional help the child needed from an external body.

1.4 Explain common barriers to integrated working and multi- agency working and how these can be overcome.
Sometimes working as a part of a team may be challenging and barriers may make it difficult for effective team work.
Some of the barriers to effective working may be; * They may not be use to sharing their knowledge and information