Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation in Education

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Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation in Education As life goes on, I am starting to learn more and more about what motivates me step forward and can be successful in education; I recognize that when I plan or want to do something, I have a motivation for that specific thing. In other words, when I do something, I have a reason why I should do that thing. According to the book “Drive” by Daniel H. Pink, it makes me thought-provoking about motivation 2.0 and motivation 3.0. So the question comes in my mind is what is the difference between motivation 2.0 and motivation 3.0, and which motivational system is more effective either for education. Motivation 2.0, what we know as extrinsic motivation assumes that human beings are best motivated by …show more content…

In general, motivation 3.0 increases students’ time on task, an important factor affecting their learning and achievement. Besides that, motivation 3.0 affects what and how students mentally process information. For one thing, intrinsically motivated students are more likely to pay attention because they are sitting in class, doing the task for the long run purpose and larger achievement. So attention is critical for getting information into working memory. Intrinsically motivated students also try to understand and elaborate on material to learn it meaningfully rather than simply go through the motions of learning in a superficial, rote manner. One special thing is intrinsically students have higher self-esteem. Through the description type I behavior promotes greater physical and mental well-being in chapter 3, Pink states “According to a raft of studies from SDT researchers, people oriented toward autonomy and intrinsic motivation have higher self-esteem, better interpersonal relationships, and greater general well-being than those who are extrinsically motivated” (78). This can understand that the more students are motivated to achieve academic success, the more proud they will be of an A and the more upset they will be by an F or perhaps even a B. The more students want to be accepted and respected by their peers, the more meaningful the


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