Lab 8, Mitosis and Meiosis

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Julie Lake
November 8, 2012
BIO 111, C11- Online
Villalpando, Shawn
Lab 8
Title: Mitosis and Meiosis
Exercise 1: Mitosis in Animal and Plant Cells
A.) What is the purpose of mitosis?
The purpose of mitosis is to create or produce more cells for a living organism. Mitosis occurs when genetic substance in the nucleus divides or separates in order to create more cells. Cytokinesis normally occurs next and the single cell develops into two separate cells. This same process continues to occur over and over creating more cells for an organism replacing old or dead cells.
B.) What other term is commonly used in place of “mitosis”?
Another commonly used term for “mitosis” is “cell division”, because the division of cells is
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G. Does Meiosis occur anywhere else in the body besides within the gonads?
Meiosis occurs in the reproduction organs, therefore it only in the gonads (ovaries and testes).
H. How does meiosis confer advantages to an organism when compared to asexual reproduction such as budding?
Meiosis creates sister chromatids and combines different genetic material into each set creating genetically different cells from one another and possibly the parent.
I. How might crossing-over be a benefit to an organism?
Crossing-over might benefit an organism by making it stronger or better than its parent organisms.
J. How might crossing-over be detrimental to an organism?
Crossing over might be detrimental to an organism because it could cause it to change in a way that would not be beneficial for survival.
K. Crossing over can also occur during mitosis where chromosomes exchange segments. Is crossing over more advantageous to organism survival if it occurs during mitosis or meiosis? Explain.
Crossing over can be more advantageous to organism survival if it occurs during meiosis because it would strengthen the genetic makeup of its cells.
Laboratory Summary
A. What have you learned from this laboratory?
This lab has taught me about the processes of mitosis and meiosis, and what each phase should look like when observing cells. I have learned about reproduction cells of plants and animals including their differences and similarities. I have learned more


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