Approaches to Management and Organizational Behaviour: Pizza Hut and Mcdonald’s

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205KM Management and Organizational Behaviour

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Title: Approaches to Management and Organizational Behaviour:
Pizza Hut and McDonald’s (Fill in the Name of Company A) (Fill in the Name of Company B)

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Table of Contents Page Num 1. Objectives | 9 | 2. Business Background | 9 | 3. Organization Structure and Design 3.1 Organization Structure of Company A3.2 Organization Structure of Company B3.3 Compare the Similarities and Differences of Organization Structure between Company A & B | 10101214 | 4. Approaches to Management & Organizational Behaviour | 15 |
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4.2 Organization Structure of McDonald

Figure3. Hierarchy Division of USA Headquarter McDonalds:

Figure4. Hierarchy Division of Hong Kong McDonalds:

Trainer: Trainer in McDonalds not the same in supervisor, they are same in senior staff to be an assistant to support Supervisor.

Team Leader: Team Leader in McDonalds is the same in supervisor.

Crew: Crew in McDonalds response for differences work in restaurant, it included Kitchen, cleaning, cashier, customer service representative and first line quality control.

Figure5. Area division:

Figure6. Functional Division of McDonalds:

Human Resources Management Department: Human Resource Management is an organization of employees or the management of human resources. This attractive, is responsible for staffs election, training, appraisal, rewards, and is also responsible for organizational leadership and culture, and to ensure that employment and labor law. Held in the employee's wishes and legally authorized collective bargaining agreement, human resources usually also will serve as the company's principal liaison with staff representatives

Purchasing Department: Purchasing refers to the business or organization to attempt


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