Explain the Importance of Socialisation as a Process Within Society.

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Explain the importance of socialisation as a process within society.
In this essay, i will examine the importance of socialisation as a process with in society. Socialisation is the process a human being will go through to make them who they are. They will learn about different types of cultures, norms and fashions, all of these they will take on throughout their life. Nature vs nurture has a great role in this, and, personally, I believe that nurture makes the largest amount of impact.
Socialisation can be explained through different types of theory. Macro groups believe that influences from the outside world have an effect on the person. Functionalism is a macro approach; they believe that society is a human body, with different
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Peer groups effect many people in many different ways. Through the micro approach, I believe that, dependant on the peer groups, Geoff will have the greatest impact through this. The idea of trying to ‘fit in’ has a huge role in this, and Geoff is constantly trying to ‘fit in’. To achieve this, he will go through many different processes. For example, Geoff wants to become the stereotypical homosexual. Because he is in a peer group, of which is mainly dominated my homosexual men, he will have to make a few changes to ‘fit in’. He will have to change the way he dresses, the music he listens to, the way he speaks and will also have to change his likes and dislikes. Also, he will have to adapt his mannerisms to also cater for this. All of a sudden, Geoff is a new person, the stereotypical homosexual. Now, over time he will slowly detach from this peer groups as he changes his friends during the change of school or year. He will start socialising with, for example, a gothic group. He will have to yet again change everything about him to yet again ‘fit in’. The point I am trying to portray, is that, for the typical teenager, difference is bad. You have to change yourself to ‘fit in’.
This also happens in the Mass Media. Due to many people wanting to become like their ideal role model, they will also have to change. This is, however, a macro approach. Influences from the media seem to just rub off on the person, and this then


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