Ct 276 Understand How to Support Individuals with Autistic Spectrum Conditions

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CT 276 Understand How To Support Individuals With Autistic Spectrum Conditions
CONTRIBUTE TO THE SUPPORT OF PEOPLE WITH AUTISTIC SPECTRUM CONDITIONS Understand the meaning of the term “autistic spectrum conditions”
THE AUTISTIC SPECTRUM According to the National Institute of Mental Health, all children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders demonstrate deficits in, social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviours or interests. Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders do not follow the same patterns of child development. In some children, hints of future
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His description:
Profound lack of effective contact, child appears to be in a world of their own with no apparent desire to communicate and interact with other people.
Resistance to change in repetitive routines, obsessive desire for preservation of sameness, expressing a difficulty in coping with change and insisting that things stay the same.
Mute or language not used to communicate ideas or feelings, they did not show desire to communicate their wants and needs to other people and lacked communication intent.
Fascination with objects
Manipulated dexterity but not for appropriate use
Islets of ability
Visio-spatial and/or memory
Attractive, intelligent appearance, good route memory.
Oversensitive to stimuli, showed sensitivity to noise, smells and visual stimuli and were easily distracted by them
Asperger syndrome
Hans Asperger- In 1944 Asperger studied 4 more children who had similar condition. He described:
Lack of empathy
Naïve, inappropriate one sided interactions
Little or no ability to form friendships
Pedantic repetitive speech
Poor non-verbal communication
Intense absorption in certain subjects
Clumsy, ill coordinated and odd posture

Asperger syndrome is sometimes referred to as high functioning autism.
It is