Classic Ceramic - Swot Analysis

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Task 2


Carry out a SWOT analysis on behalf of the company. Consider the current situation in terms of the strengths and weaknesses of Classic Ceramics, together with the major threats to the business and the opportunities that exist to develop their current product lines or exploit new business opportunities. You should summarize the conclusions arising out of the SWOT analysis in no more than 250 words to ensure that you focus upon the key issues.


SWOT Analysis

 Strengths:

- Has been in operation for over 50 years.
- 150 production staff with advanced pottery-making skills, some have been working for more than 15 years.
- Produces the finest vases in the market.
- Has three large capacity factories
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If we can get orders from them, revenue of vases can be expected to increase from 30% to 40%. Externally, we can increase our market share.

Vietnam’s economy is growing fast and steadily. In 2006, it has a growth of more than 8%. Especially after joining WTO, it is predicted that the economy will continue to grow in 2007. With the flow of FDI into Vietnam, office and apartment buildings are being built everywhere in the country. This creates a great demand in ceramic tiles. Also, there are only few companies in the market that produce this line of product. We could grab this opportunity to develop this product line in the company. We could use the capital raised by selling site C to invest in the new machines, recruit production staff and the training…

We could consider raising the salaries of the production staff from 10 – 15% according to their performance and experience. This will avoid workforce drain from our company to others.

The major player in world ceramics today is China, more by reputation than performance. Vietnamese ceramics face stiff competition from China in both the domestic and international markets. The industry in China has good local raw materials, cheap labor, and is heavily subsidized by the government. China’s reputation is based more on price than quality, however. Investment in new technology, which would improve quality, has not happened to any extent