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FedEx will not be treated by Delta airlines because FedEx itself had their own experience and established more than a decade. They have the world largest airfreight fleet, including McDonnell-Douglas MD-11s, Airbus A-300 and A-310s. The plans itself have a total daily lift capacity of more than 26.5 million pounds. From networking aspects, FedEx has established the strong networking services across world by door to door service, had employee more than 50 thousand employee around the world. It also growing fast performance with 13% increase in revenue to 39 Billion and serve covering more than 200 cities within China, FedEx had only drop-off locations domestically as of 2008. Compare to Delta airlines it just give
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If the demand from customer also decreases, it will reduce the quantity services provided and may affect the company.

As well known that there are have differentiates between International Versus Domestic Entrepreneurship in the relative importance factors affecting each decision. International entrepreneurial decisions are more complex due to such uncontrollable factors as economics, politics, culture, and technology.
Federal Express or known as FedEx one of the company that involve in the International Entrepreneurships for a long time ago. Nowadays, FedEx very familiar around the world so this company have faces many factors that can give effected to their decision making and as well as for the performance. Based on the factors in the Economics part that known the economics for any country might be change in any time.
Today, most currencies in the world freely float against one another with sentiment rising or falling based on current account deficits, economic conditions, interest rate and more. At point view here, how might if American dollar have been devalued is it hurt for the FedEx. Currency valuation is one of the effects when creating a business strategy for a multi country area. The key concept here is the relationship between inflation and exchange rate changes the internal devaluation of a currency (inflation) eventually


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