Ethical and Socially Responsive Business: Ruby Tuesday's

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Ruby Tuesday’s vision is to provide great value to their guests and a great working environment for their team members by reflecting their core values of Quality, Passion, and Pride in everything the company does. The company adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics to confirm its commitment to conduct business with the highest integrity.
Compliance with Laws, Rules, and Regulations is, to me, the most important area in a company’s code of conduct. Complying with laws, rules, and regulations includes preventing harassment and discrimination, improper payments, and environmental compliance. When companies are in compliance they are not putting themselves at risk of huge fines, lawsuits, and negativity towards their company.
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Training of their codes of conduct should start in the training process and should continue throughout their employment with the company. They could hold monthly meetings that stress one of the factors of the code, eventually all of them would be covered. They could also discuss unethical issues that they are facing or that others are facing to stress that unethical behavior will not be allowed in their company. The employees also have to know that there are consequences if they act or perform unethical tasks. If there are not consequences, I feel that employees are more apt to act unethically, feeling that they can get away with it or not get into trouble. Managers presenting themselves morally and ethically responsible proves to the employee that they are serious, and that they are not just being told to act that way, but that their bosses also act that way. If a company has a manger that is acting unethical or morally wrong, I feel that the employee will see this as the right thing to do and follow in the boss’s footsteps.
Three ways that I feel that Ruby Tuesday’s could engage in socially responsive activities in their communities is by contributing to a local charity and becoming thoroughly active and interested in the charity, creating a loyalty program, and by starting up applications for smartphones. By contributing to a local charity and being active in it, they are showing the community that they are concerned about the people in the community. They are