Ethical Issues

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Ethics Issues
University of Phoenix
MGT 216 Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility
20th July, 2009

Ethics Issues
Less than a year ago a regional property supervisor working for California Commercial Investment found an accountant stealing from the company. More specifically, the accountant was posting charges for one of our buildings (i.e. labor and supplies for painting), cutting checks, misleading the owner to sign them and cashing them for himself. He was able to steal a few thousand dollars with his unethical behavior before being caught by the property supervisor. Unethical behaviors like the one previously described are not uncommon in today’s business world. Indeed, workers during the course of their careers can face
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Any employees found that they violated the company’s policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary actions, which include the immediate discharge. Employees found responsible of false accusations will also be subject to appropriate disciplinary actions, up to the immediate discharge. 3) Reassure the employees who filled the complaint that no retaliations will be taking against them. Furthermore, they will be informed of the results of the investigations.
Customer Confidence Issues
Another ethical issue that oftentimes can be noted in today’s business world is the disclosure of costumer personal information. Nowadays, in small businesses and major corporations, protecting clients’ personal information is a priority. Business owners realize how important is to ensure the privacy and security of clients’ personal information (i.e. social security numbers, bank accounts, or credit card numbers). A disclosure or loss of confidential information makes companies liable to the point of even facing expensive lawsuits. For instance, several months ago, an employee who used to work for Countrywide sold clients’ information. Breaches like these can ruin companies’ reputations and decrease clients’ confidence toward the company, so much that clients do not want to do business with those companies anymore. Therefore, successful organizations must


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