Ethical Issues in Nursing

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Ethical Issue in Nursing

Name: Jackson vrail Class: NR 504 Professor: Dr. Gre Date: 06/02/2012 School: CCN THE ETHICAL ISSUES IN NURSING Ethics can be defined as a moral decision of what it is, and what it ought to be. Ethical issues in nursing have been dramatic and political due to different ideologies and rising technology in healthcare. The American Association of Nursing has provided guiding principles where nurses base their decisions. These principles include;
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In another instance, nurses strategically act as mediators by bringing all involved parties in the dialogue and to come up with possible resolutions immediately. In this, nurse may contact the physician to come and talk to the patient and family about the DNR wishes, or he/she may prepare them on how to express their wishes to the physician. Furthermore, nurses may request other disciplines to get involved in the situation. These may include social workers, chaplains, and case managers. This can be facilitated by developing a trusting relationship with the patient and family members through the whole process, being there in case of need, and by demonstrating empathy. Nurses should try to understand the family’s perception of the do not resuscitate measures, their feelings, and finally give them time to show their feedback. Analytically, there are many issue in healthcare involving different parties and courts of laws. Nurses stands as the balance between all those parties. This means that nurse are at a greater risk of being affected by these issues. The nurse code of ethics and principles stands out as a guide to our practice. The “Competent end-of-life nursing care begins with an


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