Harley Davidson

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Case 16 – Harley Davidson
Strategic Audit of a Corporation

III. External Environment: Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)
Natural Physical Environment: Sustainability Issues 1. What forces from the natural physical environmental are currently affecting the corporation and the industries in which it competes? Which present current or future threats? Opportunities? a. Climate, including global temperature, sea level, and fresh water availability b. Weather related events, such as severe storms, floods, and droughts c. Solar phenomena, such as sun spots and solar wind 2. Do these forces have different effects in other regions of the world? No, weather will always be a factor to some degree no matter what part of the
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It is similar in comparison with Honda’s structure. Both company’s’, sell globally and both are MNC’s that have adopted the geographic organization structure.
Corporate Culture 1. Is there a well-defined or emerging culture composed of shared beliefs, expectations, and values? Yes, at Harley, they believe in making the customer happy and achieve this goal by providing products and services that delight customers while also offering value. The H-D culture provides employees with continued opportunities for growth and professional development because they believe that people are their only long term competitive advantage. Their culture values and promote employee development, diversity, and leadership excellence. 2. Is the culture consistent with the current objective, strategies, policies, and programs? Yes 3. What is the culture’s position on environmental sustainability? The Company has developed a multicultural, multigenerational strategy focused on four pillars--growth, continuous improvement, leadership development and sustainability. 4. What is the culture’s position on other important issues facing the corporation (that is, on productivity, quality of performance, adaptability to changing conditions, and internalization)? Together, the Company’s leadership team and employees throughout the organization are charting new ways to broaden the customer base and start the journey for new generations of riders, deepen


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