Physics Final Exam Version 2c 2

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Physics Final Exam revision c 4/8/15
Directions: It is important that you provide answers in your own words. Please focus only on information from the text/eBook to create your own solutions. Please do not use direct information from an outside source (especially copying and pasting from an “answer” website). Use of direct information from an outside source is against school policy. All answers will be checked for plagiarism. Instances of plagiarism can result in probation or possible dismissal from the school.
Grading: Please be sure to follow all guidelines (number of sentences/showing all calculations) and to provide the correct metric units of measure. It is important for you to observe the number of sentences, when
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What color will your eye see? Explain using 3 – 4 complete sentences.

A hard-rubber or plastic comb rubbed against wool can often be shown to have a static charge. Why does a metal comb not readily show a static charge when rubbed against wool? Use 3 – 4 complete sentences in your answer.

Two electrically-charges spheres are suspended from insulated threads a certain distance from each other. There is a certain amount of electrostatic force between them. Describe specifically (not just increase or decrease) what happens to this force in each of the scenarios below (1 pt. ea.):
The charge on one sphere is reduced by half
The charge on both spheres is doubled
The distance between the spheres is increased by a factor of three
The distance between the sphere is decreased to one-fourth
The charge of each sphere is doubled and the distance between them is doubled

An ammeter indicates the current for a toaster is 5.0 amps when the toaster is connected to 120-V circuit. How much energy is given off by the toaster in 55.0 seconds? Show all calculations leading to an answer.

Three identical light bulbs are connected in series, then are disconnected and arranged in parallel. For each of the scenarios below indicate what changes (if any) take place (1 pt. ea.):
Total resistance of the circuit
Total current of the circuit
Power dissipated by the circuit
Voltage used by one of the light bulbs
Resistance of one of the light