Diversity, Inequality, and Immigration

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Diversity, Inequality, and Immigration
Shanna Marie Fulwood
Angela Anderson
February 11th, 2013

Diversity, inequality, and immigration or three words that brings mind some of the current political subjects that are currently affecting the United States today. Throughout the country’s history, there is the notable inequality and racial injustice in our society. This can be seen, and our history textbooks, about the Civil War, civil rights movement, and the more recently with the gay-rights movement. That history of this country is established on these types of movements and wars. Many different cultures have come together and creating the diversity in this country that people offer for two as a melting pot. Within this
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The reason Arizona and has made it a misdemeanor crime for Aileen to be in Arizona without caring the proper documentations (ncsl.org). Lots of talk says that this is a racial profile, because anyone who looks for and can get pulled over and asked for the documents. This act was established to help with that illegal immigrant population, but laws like this one have affected community racially. Now people have been there legally or born there, are being checked because of the color of their skin. As human service professionals, we work with a diverse and social and qualities. “The literature and research seems to indicate that helping a broad spectrum of clients requires self-awareness, communication skillscompatible with client’s language and nonverbal cues, understanding and appreciation of clients cultural values, attitudes, and behaviors and resource information that will be helpful to different clients” (Schmidt, 2006). Working with diverse groups, such as ethnic minorities, women, the gay lesbian community, and people with disabilities human service workers have to put aside personal beliefs and try to offer the best care by trying to learn as much relevant information to the client and the case began. “A final points for professional counselors and human service providers to consider and working across populations, is that no person is defined entirely by his or her cultural background”


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