Digital Knowledge

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In “Literacy and the digital knowledge revolution” (2006), Claire Belisle refers to “digital knowledge”, as a way that knowledge can be “processed and transformed”, by the various technological tools, i.e. search engines, databases, sorters and linguistic analysts, that we have available (Belisle, 2006, p57). Belisle moves in to the revouloution
Literacy- believes that literacy is the basis of knowledge acquisition and, with the stronger interaction between humans and technology and the way we acquire and interpret information and data from the latter, digital literacy needs to be incorporated into our current literacy structure. According to Paul Gilster, digital literacy is comprised of these four components- assembling knowledge,
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A new generation of digital services platforms for libraries is emerging, designed to provide a more comprehensive approach to the management and access to all formats of library materials: print, electronic and digital. These new systems involve a modernization of technology, embracing service-oriented architectures, availability for APIs to facilitate interoperability with external systems, support for task workflows more aligned with current operational realities, and more tightly coupled discovery interfaces that deliver access to library collections and services in a more unified and comprehensive manner. These new products, emerging in this era of cloud computing, have been designed for deployment through software as a service and rely on highly shared data models. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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Con la fuerte irrupción de las bibliotecas en el acceso a los recursos electrónicos y la gestión de colecciones digitales, la oferta actual de sistemas de automatización se ha ido convirtiendo en un obstáculo para el progreso. Una nueva generación de plataformas de servicios digitales para bibliotecas está emergiendo, diseñada para proporcionar un apoyo integral para la gestión y el acceso de todos los formatos de materiales de la biblioteca: impresos, electrónicos y digitales. Estos nuevos sistemas implican


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