Project 1 - Ccjs 321 Digital Forensics

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CCJS 321 – Digital Forensics | Stan Vos
Date of submission: FEB 5, 2016 |

CCJS 321 – Digital Forensics | Stan Vos
Date of submission: FEB 5, 2016 |

Project 1 - CCJS 321 Digital Forensics
For the purposes of this project, imagine you are an Information Security (InfoSec) Specialist, an employee of the Makestuff Company, assigned to the company’s Incident Response Team.
In this case, you have been notified by Mr. Hirum Andfirum, Human Resources Director for the Makestuff Company, that the company has just terminated Mr. Got Yourprop, a former engineer in the company’s New Products Division, for cause. Mr. Andfirum tells you that at Mr. Yourprop’s exit interview earlier that day, the
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If evidence of this theft of intellectual property can be found, Makestuff Company may seek to pursue criminal prosecution. Can Mr. Yourprop’s supervisor direct local police investigators to search his personal vehicle which is parked on the Company parking lot? Support your answer.
Yes, Mr. Andfirum can direct the investigators to search Mr. Yourprop’s vehicle. As I stated in question number one, if Mr. Yourprop’s vehicle is parked on the company’s property and if the employee handbook states that your vehicle is subject to search. With this, it is possible for the investigating officer to search the personal vehicle of Mr. Yourprop. However, if there is no employee handbook that states that your vehicle is subject to search, the officer is still authorized to conduct a search of his vehicle without a warrant. This is allowed because of Carroll v. United States. The Judiciary Committee found that, “before a warrant could be secured the automobile would be beyond the reach of the officer with its load of illegal liquor disposed of" (Judiciary Committee, 1925). The Committee goes on to say, “On reason and authority the true rule is that if the search and seizure without a warrant are made upon probable cause, that is, upon a belief, reasonably arising out of circumstances known to the seizing officer, that an automobile or other vehicle contains that which by law is subject to seizure and


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