Design Thinking and Innovation at Apple

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Apple Case Assignment

Abstract The purpose of this assignment is to access the “Apple way” and understand the source of their systematic innovation and the way to sustain it. The major source of innovation is design thinking, which is also discussed based on Apple case. Finally, Steve Jobs is compared to other major industry player, Bill Gates, in order to understand their major difference and compare their success stories.

Is there a systematic approach to Innovation at Apple? How would you characterize it? List at least 3 examples from the case.

From the start Apple has been extremely systematic in its approach to innovation. Fine products do not materialize out of thin air; they are a direct result of creative thinking policies
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Jobs was touting the lack of a system as one of Apple’s greatest strengths. The quote, however, shows that Jobs was aware that systems were in place and functioning, but he calls them “processes” to avoid stifling connotation of the word “system”. As shown in the examples above, however, Apple’s system is

anything but stifling. The systems fostered by Jobs from the very beginning have fostered a strong creative spirit leading to a superior product line and outstanding sales. That made Apple the leading technology company and confirmed Jobs’s place in history as a visionary who brought man and machine together. 2. To what extent does Apple demonstrate Design Thinking? State your point of view and provide 3 examples from the case to support your argument. Apple products utilize all principles of design thinking: creating products to satisfy human needs, experimenting with products, crafting clear vision, and communicating this vision visually. First of all, Apple products were designed to satisfy human needs by combining simplicity, fun and play with practical use of clever machines. In that way Apple became the pioneer in creating mind-blowing user experiences through its creations: personal computers, iPods, iPads and iPhones. A good example of this is its experimentation and product diversification of the iPod family though the iPod Mini, which is smaller and has unusual colors. Second,


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