Apple Strategic Change and Core Competency

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Topic 1: Critically examine a period of strategic change for an organisation of your own choice. Outline the triggers for change and the approach to strategic change in your case. Discuss the extent to which this strategic change built on or transformed the existing core competencies of the organization. Explain the most significant organizational issues facing the managers implementing this strategic change and how effectively they were managed.

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Last, systemic approach is supported by both the system classical organized and the social requests.To make a strategy change successfully it is needed to look after each step in the change process and, at the same time, not forget the importance of the overall process of change.What is difficult is to decide what to do first to get the quicker and more appropriate beginning of strategic change.The paradox of revolutionary and evolutionary change says that to a fundamentally transformation the organization needs to cut with the past and also recognize the value of continuity on past experiences, investments and loyalties. In that way we can say that revolutionary change is when strategic and evolutionary change is operational.When thinking if the strategic plans are planned or emergent we can find differences. On one hand, the transition from the previously plan to the new one is soft, well thought in advance. On the other hand emergent models of change are abrupt because they are not planned and they lead with several variables at the same time. They are seen as renewing change more than old matters just modify. It is needed an open-mind to understand and adapt to a no stop changing conditions. These two perspectives must be seen as complementary, because a senior manager can start with one approach and then change to the other and vice versa.The


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