We Can But Dare We

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We Can But Dare We: A Look into the Use of Social Media in Healthcare
Sydney Sobocinski
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR360: Information Systems in Healthcare
September 2014

We Can But Dare We: A Look into the Use of Social Media in Healthcare In the world today, smartphones are becoming the “norm”, with basic phones becoming nearly obsolete in recent years. Pairing the overwhelming presence of social media with the rise in usage of smartphones brings to light an entirely new set of problems and challenges regarding patient privacy. According to a 2010 study conducted regarding various boards of nursing, 67% of executive officers surveyed reported receiving complaints about nurses misusing social media (Spector & Kappel,
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Gagglioi (2012) observes that, “[medical] apps have not been subject to rigorous testing” (p. 512) the reason for which being, “that most of these apps reach consumers/patients directly, without passing through the traditional medical gatekeepers” (p. 512). When patients base future interventions on these erroneous applications, such as seeking treatment or using home remedies, there can result harmful and even fatal consequences. Another undesirable characteristic of smartphone usage in healthcare settings is the tendency of smartphones to be distracting (Gill, Kamath, & Gill, 2012). Smartphone usage can cause a disruption in workflow which can lead to medical errors and negligence. A study in Australia found that of 439 perfusionists surveyed, 49.2% admitted that they had sent text messages while performing a cardiopulmonary bypass (Gill, Kamath, & Gill, 2012). The interference in diligent attention to patient care caused by smartphones can present contamination, infection, and hygiene risks as well as impeding the ability of the healthcare provider to recognize potential complications or downward trends in their patients (Gill, Kamath, & Gill, 2012). In healthcare, even momentary distraction can lead to fatal consequences. Lastly, a huge problem concerning smartphones in healthcare related settings involves the usage of cameras and social


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