Taqa Unit 301

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Anthony Walton

Unit 301: Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment.


1. The function of assessment in learning and development:

Assessment plays a significant role in the learning experience of students. It determines their progression through their programmes and enables them to demonstrate that they have achieved the intended learning outcomes. It is assessment that provides the main basis for public recognition of achievement, through the awarding of qualifications and/or credit.
Assessment covers the whole development of student learning evaluation, while grading refers to the specific attachment of marks/grades.

2. The key concepts and principles
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Some learners may feel nervous and not respond well and it does not give any evidence of any underpinning knowledge.

Personal statements allow for a high amount of information about prior learning, skills and experience. Can be time consuming, learners may be reluctant to write about themselves or could have poor writing skills.


3.1 The key factors to consider when planning assessment:

• Plan around the persons actual work activities, aiming to assess across the whole award rather than individual units or criteria.

• Plan to cover most routine and predictable performance criteria through several holistic or activity based observations.

• Use personal and witness statements to fill small gaps rather than to cover whole elements or units. These are much easier and quicker to write and assess.

• Assess product of work live in the workplace rather than expecting the candidate to photocopy and present as evidence. This can be very effectively combined with “walk and talk” or professional discussion methods of assessment.

• Plan around the individual needs of each candidate.

• The starting point for assessment planning should be to consider existing evidence before planning for new assessment. For example from accreditation of prior learning and achievement or from previous assessment.

3.2 The benefits of using a


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