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The last 50 years has seen a major shift in how care is delivered to service users particularly those who suffer with Mental Illness. It was as recent as the 1960’s the concept of community care as opposed to institutionalisation was first considered and asylums began closing. Strains on resources and works such as those documented by Goffman and referred to by Miller 1996highlighted how institutions didn’t aid services users back to health but made them dependent on the system and incapable of making own choices and forming external relationships mostly due to exclusion from being able to.
Tory views in the 70s and 80s pushed the ideas the community’s
The Griffiths report 1988 as cited by (Miller, Community Care, 1996) outlined the
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Although achieved to a certain extent, this has, we will argue, stalled in spite of an abundance of initiatives to improve care in the community. The overarching reason it has lost momentum in the face of almost ceaseless NHS reform and change, is precisely because
NHS activity, by itself, will always be only a small (albeit highly significant) contributor to what is ultimately required to complete the revolution.
This Review found that money is still tied up in in-patient care because the services people need are not available in the community.
This was backed up by Care Minister Gordon Lamb 2013 in response to a 2013 BBC article ‘England’s Mental Health Services ‘in Crisis’ who stated ‘Current levels of access to mental health services are unacceptable….more people are being treated in the right setting for them, including fewer people needing to go into hospitals. It is essential that people get the treatment they need early and in the community but beds must be available if patients need them.’ By not meeting the needs of the low and moderate banded users are we just pushing that user to become a higher banded need or forcing them to take critical action as illustrated in the same investigation in order to obtain help and thus forcing them out of community care.
It can also be drawn upon from the above reports that whilst establishing sufficient funding and balancing services clearer


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