Poe vs. Shakespeare

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The Comparison of Edgar Allan Poe and William Shakespeare

Brandi Greene

University Composition and Communication I/COM155

May 9th, 2013
University of Phoenix

The Comparison of Edgar Allan Poe and William Shakespeare

Many have been inspired by the likes of Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare in literature but, there are similarities and differences between the two. Each author could lure their audiences by the characteristics of their writing. Their places in society also differed, as each had different ways of dealing with the people in their society. Furthermore, the influences each of them had in literature have molded how many people see them as transcendent and prestigious authors. The types of writing
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Each writer's influence in literature varied from one another. Although both are very notable in the history of literature, Shakespeare is still considered one of the most influential authors in the English language and his works are the most published, second only to the bible.

Shakespeare had many worthy plays such as, “Hamlet,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and “Macbeth.” These works have been used profoundly in literature courses around the world. Therefore, there can be no doubt that substantial knowledge of the works of William Shakespeare is necessary for any education of literature to be considered complete and well rounded. The remarkable writing skills in which Shakespeare created his precise portrayals of human truth have not been rivaled or reiterated since his death, nearly four hundred years ago. Poe on the other hand, is recognized as one of the foremost ascendants of modern literature. His works are also used in literature courses but not as widely as Shakespeare. In his works, Poe was more concerned with displaying his virtuosity than expressing his “soul.” Unlike Poe, Shakespeare could summarize the range of human emotions in simple, yet profoundly articulate verse. Poe maintained an ironic, rather than an autobiographical, relationship to his writings. Most of his writings had an undertone or a dark hidden message that enabled the reader to question their sanity. He impacted various writers and thinkers including Charles Baudelaire, Jules Verne, H. P.