Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity

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Professional Communication Cultural Sensitivity Paper
Linda Ginder
Grand Canyon University - NUR 502
July 10, 2013

Professional Communication Cultural Sensitivity Paper
No culture is growing at a faster pace than the Hispanic population, surpassing African Americans as the largest minority population in the United States. The Hispanic population increased from 35.3 million to 50.5 million in 2010. The intention of this paper is to increase the awareness and understanding of cultural competency and cultural sensitivity toward the Hispanic culture. Cultural competency cannot be overemphasized as it plays an imperative role in the quality of care that is given to different cultures. A culturally insensitive encounter can lead to
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In order for nurses to be culturally sensitive when caring for the Hispanic population, there are several key beliefs and values that a nurse should be aware of.
Hispanics revert to folk medicine because of necessity, dissatisfaction with conventional medicine, and cultural beliefs. Folk medicine is passed on from generation to generation and is considered as strong a healing practice as our modern medicine. An example is their belief that illnesses result from an imbalance of the person and environment and hot and cold. If an illness is from a hot disorder, the treatment must be cold. Our standard practice to treat a nosebleed would be to apply an icepack. In the Hispanic culture, this would be unacceptable as it would be treating a cold condition with a cold treatment. If a nurse does not know such interventions, it could lead to non-adherence with the treatment plan.
Religion and the supernatural are very important in how they perceive their health. They practice the use of magico – “religious means of dealing with life” (Askim-Lovsseth & Aldana, 2010 ). Spiritualism and the power of saints are used if faced with death, bodily ills, or cancer. These religious and spiritual influences are integrated in their daily lives, health, and illness, and should be recognized. As long as the cultural value is not


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