Everyday Use Literary Analysis

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Mother vs. Daughter In the short story called “Everyday Use,” by Alice Walker, the mother daughter conflict theme is portrayed throughout the whole story. The oldest daughter Dee constantly believes that she is better than the rest of the family causing a family feud about who gets the cherished quilt. Dee has always been on a pedestal over her family and she soon finds out that it is no longer the case. Once she finds this out conflict arises. The biggest conflict lies between Mama and Dee. This is clearly illustrated by Dee’s high standards, selfish behavior, and lack of knowledge about her family’s heritage. Dee sets impossible standards for her mother, causing Mama to feel inferior. Dee forces Mama to be the way Dee would …show more content…

Mama knows that Maggie would take better care of it because of Maggie’s knowledge of their family history and unspoken desire for the quilt. Dee’s lack of knowledge and thoughtlessness of her heritage push Mama to give Maggie the quilt. The whole family gathering in the story was to decide upon the quilts whereabouts. Dee does not deserve it because she does not know the true meaning of it. “She was offered the quilt when she left for college, but choose not to take it along because it was old fashioned and out of style” (Walker 293). She did not want it then because of the style, because she was selfish and only wanted to be number one. Now she wants nothing more than to have the quilt, and she only wants it because Maggie wants it more. The climactic scene of this story occurs during the end when Dee insinuates that she is the one who should have the quilts. Dee believes that it is imperative for her to have the quilts. “But they’re priceless!” she was saying now, furiously; for she had a temper (Walker 293). The only reason that she wants the quilts now is because they are priceless items. She does not want them because they are a family heirloom; she wants it because it would boost her status. “Maggie would put them on the bed and in five years they’d be in rags. Less than that!” (Walker 293). Here Dee is only thinking about Dee. Maggie would take


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