Crm Software

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Sigrun Finnsdottir
ACCT 367-01
Prof. Poyner

CRM Software: Customer Relationship Management Software
Introduction to CRM Software It’s very important to a business to have good customer relationships; CRM Software’s main objectives are to attract new customers while maintaining and satisfying their current customers and trying to win back the trust of former customers. Customers are one of the most important variables for a business owner to pay attention to, when trying to create a profit. Customer Relationship Management software keeps track of customer information to help the company maintain a strong relation with the customers. Good CRM Software brings together information from all databases within a company and gives
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Krigsman said, “You need to get a package that’s tailored to your company’s size. At the most basic level you have simple contact management. Then you have contact management with a shared database. You can have sales tracking or opportunity tracking or customer service Functionality. Match the capabilities of the software with what your business goals are” (Porter-Rockwell). The first thing to look for in a CRM Software is the software itself. Depending on how much data you decide you want saved on your server will help you narrow your choices. You can choose from having “on-premise” or “cloud computing/SaaS” software. Small businesses have often been afraid to store their data online, so they would tend to go with what was known as the safer route. Today, data security isn’t as vulnerable as it used to be. Large companies store their data and spend thousands of dollars online every day; therefore, small companies should not be afraid of it. Other things you should ask yourself before buying CRM Software are; how complex is it to integrate data from other sources, whether or not you are looking for mobility so that you can use it both on your phone as well as laptop, how long the company been around, and etc.
Comparison of CRM Softwares There are three CRM Software that businesses have highly recommended; which are Oncontact, Sales Force, and Sage


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