Gender Theory

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Gender Theory

The textbook identifies four approaches to gender development: biological, interpersonal, cultural, and critical. Define each theory. Then answer the following question: which of the theoretical approaches to gender do you find the most valid? Be sure to include at least two examples from your own experience as well as two scholarly sources to back up your claim.

Gender plays a signifigant roles in our every day lives. Gender determines whether or not we will dress as a male or female. Gender determines who we will have as friends. Also which role models we choose. While visiting my family in Louisiana my
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Psychodynamics is related to early relationships that one has. My definition of interpersonal communication is the interaction between individuals for example a mother and child relationship. These intimate relationships between a mother and a newborn influence us to internally. A mother nurtures her baby and by doing so the baby internalizes that they are valued and loved. Interpersonal relationships tend helps the child develop a sense of self. According to the author “Internalizng other is not merely acquiring roles; it creates the basic structure of the psyche-the core self” (49). I have observed my newborn niece and her mother interacting. I noticed that the mother talked to her daughter in a soft sweet voice and called her a little angel. I can now see how my nicee would internalize her mother’s ideas that she is a sweet angle. In our text Nancy Chodorow says, “ The key to understanding how family psychodynamics create gender lies in realizing that most of us are nurtured by mothers because “women rather than men have primary parenting responsibilites” (49). I think it is important to point out that the mother her self is gendered, this can effect they way she communicates with her children. Masculine would be used to describe a male child who loves sports . Feminine can be described as a female child who enjoys playing dress up and playing with dolls. A mother’s role is very important to early development of these masculine or feminine


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