Hum -102 - Week 1 - Humanities Today Paper

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Introduction Humanities allows us to look at the past, the past will allow us to see what our future holds. This paper will examine how the study of humanities is differentiated between other modes of expression. The paper will also review examples of art, music, architecture, philosophy, literature and film that reflect current socio-economics, technology and politics.
Humanities Defined
The study of humanity provides insight into how humans have developed culturally. The insight that art, literature and music can provide allows us to understand the influence that it provided in the development of our future, or our today. This awareness gives us the opportunity to see how important facts and events have influenced others.
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Department of State, 2007). One example of a current piece of literature is the novel, The Kite Runner. The book was written by Khaled Hosseini and “tells of childhood friends in Kabul separated by the rule of the Taliban” (U.S. Department of State, 2007).
An example of a film that provides developments in a cultural issue is An Inconvenient Truth. This documentary, hosted by former Vice President, Al Gore, “discusses the scientific facts behind global warming, explains how it has already begun to affect our environment, talks about the disastrous consequences if the world's governments and citizens do not act, and shares what each individual can do to help protect the Earth for this and future generations” (, 2007).
Art in its many forms including: painting, music, architecture, philosophy, literature and films provide artists an outlet to discuss and show their perspectives on the current cultural, political and technological issues. The artist can express their views on the current developments, issues and allows for open discussion among the public regarding these issues.
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