To what extent does success in china depend on businesses changing their products and services in order to meet local needs?

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Success for a business in a large market such as china can be a very difficult thing to achieve; there are many factors that can affect the success or failure of a business that decides to merge into China’s markets. Most people would assume that due to the very large population of china (roughly 1.35 billion/1,363,496,913) operating a business there would not be a problem, this however is incorrect, just because there is lots of people there doesn’t for a minute make it any easier to set u-p and run a successful business.
The main point I would say that is essential to success in china is adaptation. If a business is able to adapt well to its surroundings, i.e. the ability to easily change its products and services to match the needs of
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The newly expanded regional menu, which was introduced over the Dragon Boat Festival long weekend, included several rice dishes in an effort to attract more dinner customers but regardless of this, no improvements were seen. A writer who sampled the new additions, called the new dishes “embarrassing.” This alone greatly affected the success of the whole campaign as it was immediate bad press. So what exactly could the business of done? Trying to remove the bad press that a company has received, especially such a popular one such as McDonalds can be difficult, and a strategy would be required to help overcome the loss in profits. One technique that would help McDonalds would be a change in the styling of the restaurants. One thing that becomes apparent when you visit different restaurants in the chain is they all are similar, and although some are more luxurious than others, they all stick to the same type of format, this could be part of the reason why they failed in china, one thing that is certain is that Starbucks was able to adapt each and every store to make it feel more natural for the people of china to visit, whereas a big fast food chain such as McDonalds would be as relaxing. Although Starbucks adapts this strategy for each store globally, and themes the store to its local surroundings, in china especially they did plenty of market research into what the locals would want and appreciate, and looked


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