Health Promotion in Nursing Care

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Health Promotion in Nursing Care
Margaret Brzoza Lauer
Grand Canyon University: NRS 429v
October 16, 2011

Health Promotion in Nursing Care
The three levels of health promotion and prevention are primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention education. Primary health care promotion focuses on making individuals, families, and communities aware of health related issues and provides education on alternatives for a healthy lifestyle. Secondary health care promotion provides the screening necessary to identify health problems and provides information on changes that can be made to reduce the risk of chronic health problems. Tertiary promotion of health care focuses on management of the chronic disease, so that a greater quality of life can
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The needs could differ for each demographical area being considered for health care promotion. Incorporating support from local organizations could provide areas in which the screening, teaching and planning of health promotion can take place. Involving local practitioners in the implementation of the health promotion process might encourage some members of the community to seek out health care when they normally would not. Having an alliance with the public sector to effect change can be more outward looking as it involves actively seeking and valuing the views of the community in planning health promotion activity (Paniagua, Reilly, Evans, & Bond, 2011).
Planning and implementing health promotion must also take into account the willingness of the participants to embrace their health care needs and make the changes necessary. Strong incentives to alter their behavior, as they are generally already aware of their limitation and do not necessarily need this reinforced (Paniagua et al., 2011).
The changing needs of health care puts a larger emphisis on prevention and promotion of health care. Swiadek (2009) remarks in her article that she believes that the needed changes in health care will be achieved naturally as nation wide nursing efforts pivot toward community based and public health nursing.
Early screening and intervention will benefit individuals, families, and communities by enabling them to


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