Professional Development of the Nursing Professionals

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Professional Development of the Nursing Professionals
Stephanie S. Bustoz
Grand Canyon University: NRS 430
September 18, 2012

Professional Development of the Nursing Professionals The world is an ever-changing planet with continuous progress towards bigger and better. Nursing is no different. We are always striving for ways to increase our knowledge, skills, existence, authority, independence, and notability as we work towards a healthier community and patient population. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report researched and has designed a new plan for nursing with four key points that will encourage the profession to advance to the next level.
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IOM and the Nurse’s Leading Role Healthcare is truly on the frontier of developing into a transformed, client focused, community based entity where the focus is on health management and education. We are trying to educate the public on health and wellness before it becomes necessary for them to ever enter the doors of an acute care setting. Nurses are important to this role and will be expected to stand up and work together with physician’s and other healthcare providers to change policy, set new standards for care, and construct new ways for everyone to work together as equal partner’s. This is an opportunity for nurse’s to prove their existence and importance in not just providing care, but revolutionizing it. Nurses are the individuals who know our patient’s the best. We know what they are thinking, feeling, saying, needing, wanting whether it is physically, mentally, socially, or spiritually. So it is only proper that we should take the place beside our fellow medical providers to prepare the way for our patient’s into the next generation of healthcare. We are our patient’s advocates, always have been and always will be. If we do not lead and embrace this position our patient’s will not have a voice in their quality of care.
Overall, nursing is no different than back when Florence Nightingale began her voyage into nursing and made her mark as a pioneer. Again, as nurses, we are being called upon to evolve and make a change for our


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