Community Health Assessment and Diagnosis

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Community Diagnosis

A Community Health Epidemiology Study with Community Diagnosis HGT Community Health Practicum/HAT1 Erika J. Schnell, R.N. 11/05/2012 Western Governor’s University

Community Diagnosis

Abstract The following is an assessment of an Eastern Washington Community known as Chelan/Douglas Counties which will lead to a community diagnosis. This community diagnosis is based on publicly available statistical data gathered using the concepts of epidemiology of birth rates and leading causes of death and assessing the communities determinants of health from the websites of the Chelan/Douglas County Department of Health, the Washington State Department of Health, the World Health Organization, the Federal Centers for
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From 2002-2011, the state’s average annual wage increased by around 31%, which significantly above Chelan/Douglas County’s gains (Chelan/ Douglas Trends). The measure of median household income measures all sources of income such as employment wages, investments & property incomes, proprietors' income, pensions, transfer payments and all financial sources for a household. The median household income represents the value in which 50% of households are less than and 50% are more than. Households vary from the traditional family model in that they may be comprised of unrelated individuals cohabitating or individuals alone in a house. Median household income is valuable in ascertaining the success of a community’s economy. During the time period 1990-2011, Chelan/Douglas Counties nominal median household income has gone up from $26,794 to $45,714 for an increase of 71%. In Washington State, the nominal median household income began at $33,417, and then grew to $54,888 in 2010, a 64% increase. Nationally the nominal U.S. median household income grew 67%, starting in 1990 at $29,943 and expanding to $50,046 in 2011 (Chelan Douglas Trends, 2011).

Community Diagnosis When interviewed with open ended questions the (5) Hispanic residents of varying age and occupation expressed concern about there not being enough educational and employment opportunities for


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