The Overmedication of American Children

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We in America tend to take medications for almost any problem we have, from headaches to gastrointestinal pain, to more serious chronic disorders such as depression and attention deficit disorder. While many of the uses of such medications may be necessary and legitimate, many are not, and due to this fact, many people become dependent on medications, mentally, and or physically. This problem is not simply the fault of the individual; in fact, the blame can also be placed upon the medical community, and the pharmaceutical companies who produce the drugs. How often can one turn on the television to see advertisements for Claritin, Aspirin, Pepto-Bismol, or even Zoloft or Ritalin? The pharmaceutical industry is motivated by monetary …show more content…

One generalized symptom is hyperactivity, present mostly with ADHD. A child is considered to be affected with ADD or ADHD only if the symptoms have caused him or her a major, ongoing problem at home and at school for at least 6 months.
The disorder may also affect adults, many of whom complain of being unfocused, disorganized, and or restless. Although many health professionals attempt to link the disorder to diet, and watching too much television, there is no statistical evidentiary support for these claims. Many adults with ADD or ADHD were diagnosed with the disorder as children, and have carried on the symptoms into adulthood, with or without the medications commonly associated with the disorder. Many of those who have carried the disorder on also have other accompanying problems as a result, including depression and low self esteem. Diagnosed individuals may find it difficult to function without the medications which are used to treat the disorders and can become reliant on them.
The disorder is generally treated with stimulant type drugs such as Ritalin, Dexedrine, and Adderall. According to the AACAP, stimulants make individuals more alert by stimulating neurotransmitters in the brain. These drugs have proven to be very affective in the treatment of ADD and ADHD. However these drugs carry various side affects with their usage, including weight loss, loss of appetite, temporary retardation of growth, and in some,


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