Police in Ontario

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Policing in Ontario

1. What are the different types of police forces we have in Ontario and how do they differ and how are they the same?

In Ontario, we have three different types of police forces. They are the municipal which are the numbered divisions within a city, provincial which is the Ontario Provincial Police, and federal which is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Municipal police forces are established by the municipalities and are usually in every major city. If a city has a population of approximately 50 000-100 000, then they usually contract out the policing to the RCMP such as in the case of Burnaby and Northern Vancouver, B.C. Municipal police forces are the most common type of policing found in
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The majority of people said that the police were racist, and crooked. They would come and harass individuals or groups for no apparent reason other than the fact that they were of a certain race. If this is the fact in one area, most certainly I would believe it is the same throughout the city. With such negativity surrounding those individuals that are so called responsible to protect and serve us, how are we as a city, and broader as a province going to tackle and keep our communities safe.

3. What does research state about the effectiveness of policing in Ontario?

Research states that policing in Ontario is effective because of the decline in crimes. In 2008, Alarm Force Ontario stated “Ontario has shown the lowest crime rate among all Canadian districts. In 2006, the crime rate was 5,689 per 100,000 while for the next lowest district Quebec it was 5,909 per 100,000.This was the third straight year that Ontario stood lowest.” One of the most effective tools that Ontario developed was the Ontario Sex Offender Registry (OSOR), which was the first of its kind in Canada and was introduced after the 1988 abduction and murder of Christopher Stephenson by a convicted pedophile. The OSOR basically is a system containing information on the whereabouts of convicted, dangerous, and high-risk sexual predators. This system is very accurate and quick in getting information to investigators and is a key tool in fighting crimes and


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